Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY: Feather Necklace

This is probably the easiest feather necklace ever. All you need is a feather, some chain, and metal wire. Oh and some little pliers that have wire cutters on them. The glue sticks are there because I thought I was going to glue it but didn't sooo ignore those! 

IMG_1899 copy 
All you do is cut yourself about 8" of wire and starting towards the bottom where the feathers start, wrap upwards. The leave about half an inch sticking out at the top. 
IMG_1904 IMG_1911 
Then, I made a little loop and tucked in the rest of the wire (make sure it's not poking out so we don't stab anyone!)
And last, I just attached it to a link on my chain! 

I made mine long so I didn't need one of those clippy things but you can add one of those if you'd like! 

IMG_5162 copy