Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Birthday List!

Folks! My birthday is in 11 days! April 26th to be exact and I will FINALLY  be turning 21. My family always makes fun of me for it but I like to make a birthday list every year (because I'm kind of a control freak). Here are a few things I've been dreaming about: 

A pretty bathing suit. This top is amazing, I would also like some black high waisted bottoms! (or a black bathing suit I can make into bottoms? I'm on the hunt)
A new bike! I had one but it got stolen.... and since they've been doing a bunch of construction around my house, there will be more sidewalks for my riding pleasure! I'm not looking for an expensive one (in case it gets stolen again) but I would like an old-fashioned looking one. Like this brown one above. 
or this blue bike
or this red bike

I've been wanting one of these since we moved into our apartment! It would be very space saving and a lot more safe for Eliza- Ikea Magnetic Knife Rack

Hair extensions please?! Because I want long hair, now! (in dark auburn...)
This book! I think it would be very useful to me (: 
these cute crocheted foot thongs

I'm also in the market for some cool new jewelry...
aren't these arrow necklaces cool? 
I've been craving one of these
this one's more of my birthstone though, I'm thinkin' some boho rings would be cool too? 
One thing I would really like is to go shopping! Like at a regular store! I love thrifting but sometimes it's nice to get new stuff too, ya know? Anyways, I've had my eye on this dress for a while. 

Ok..... I WANT SOME RAIN BOOTS GOSH DARNIT! This is like the joke of my family. I make a birthday list every year and every year I ask for rain boots! Seriously, for at least the past four years I've put  rain boots on my list and my birthday always goes rain boot-less. I guess everyone finally realized this and have been making fun of me for it since Christmas ;) If I don't get some this year, I may just go out and buy myself 5 pairs! But in case anyone's interested, here are some that I think are supaa cute. 
10842370 13492845 
plaid boots, cheetah print boots
11166104 12717742 
yellow boots (on sale!), mukluk boots
11831590 11908617 
whale boots (!), yellow polka dot boots

One more thing I'm pining for is... some socks to wear with heels
these two are from target- nude, pink ($5!!)
some over the knee socks would be cool too, brown socks

I was planning on a trip to New Orleans for my birthday but I'm not sure that's happening. I would like to travel some where though.... I think a road trip is in order *ahem Brandon*

OH! And one more big thing! Eliza's Mother's Day Out was a gift from my mother last year, so I'm asking for one more year of Mother's Day Out! Hopefully in the next year I will get my degree and it would be EXTREMELY helpful for those extra couple hours on Tuesday and Thursdays to do my schooling.
*ahem mom and dad* (: 

Welp, that's all I can think of for now. I'm off to do my taxes now... I'm such a procrastinator... 

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