Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A few weeks ago, Brandon's Dad called us up and invited us to the rodeo! (Yes, we live in texas). We weren't planning on going but decided what the heck! It was an overcast day but the temperature was perfect. I'm so glad I decided to bring my camera along, I can't wait to come back and show Eliza all of these when she gets older (:
Ha! She totally looks like a troll doll! This is her "cheese"face.
IMG_9447 copy
These goofs (brother and brandon), I swear when they are together it's like I have 3 children. I can't take them grocery shopping because they play football in the aisles and chase each other all around the store! 

And see that belt buckle? Brandon got that at a liquor store! I think it actually came with the first bottle of tequila he bought? Anyways, brother insisted on wearing it.
Eliza demanded we go on the Ferris Wheel first thing. That may or may not have been due to a certain mommy talking it up the whole the way there ;)
IMG_9466 copy
Then she batted those cute little eyes and got her Grand-dad to buy her some popcorn... we all had a little bite.
IMG_9496 copy
Then I took her on her first real "roller coaster" type ride. She liked some parts and others she.... didn't? But overall I think it was a hit.
IMG_9503 copy
IMG_9506 copy
(this one cracks me up!)
After a while, we ventured inside to see some animals and Eliza got a pony ride!
IMG_9530 copy
And here's the only picture I managed to get of Eliza and her Grand-dad.... woops! 

It was pretty fun except for the ending. We had to go see the performer which was Blake Shelton? Apparently he's a judge on "The Voice"? I don't know and I'm sorry if you're a country fan but I absolutely hate country. I don't know what it is, I just don't like it. So that was not so great but I was a good sport. 

Speaking of country! Man do Texans like to get dressed up for the rodeo! I have never seen so many cowboy boots and cowboy hats in my life. I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised, I mean we do live in Texas after all. Sometimes I just forget that's what we're "known for". We're just a bunch of horse ridin', cowboy boots wearin', hicks! Right?! Ya'll?!    ....For your information, I don't even own cowboy boots... or even a dang hat. Although I'm not much of a hat person to begin with... But the point is, I'm probably the opposite of a hick. And sometimes, Texas stereotypes are annoying. One time a New Yorker seriously asked me if I road a horse to school. Really man? So don't do that, please. 

Well, enough ranting. Today was a pretty good day! I got started on building a new set for shop photoshoots which I am really excited about and can't wait to share! Also, have you entered in the summer giveaway?! Summer's almost here, you wouldn't want to miss out! 

IMG_5162 copy