Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Weekend: Beach Visit

Last weekend, we went on our first real beach trip of the year! The weather was perfect- not too hot but not too cold! The water was a little chilly but I didn't expect to be in it all that much since Eliza can't swim. We laid out on our towels, ate tons of oranges, built some sand castles, and watched the boys surf.

IMG_0054 IMG_0049 IMG_0048 IMG_0064 IMG_0082 
Isn't this chubby little boy so cute? He may be too young but I think he was definitely checking Eliza out. Compared to him, she looks so tall and skinny! It was crazy, this was the first time I looked at her and saw a little girl.... and not my sweet innocent baby. Oi vey, she's going to be a man killer. 
And look at her! Running like she's on Baywatch! 
Brandon.... lookin' a little pasty ;) 
(he's trying to grow out a mustache)
And I'm not sure what's going on here? 
IMG_0070 IMG_0121 IMG_0131 
Also, a friend of ours came too. Say hello to Greg! 
IMG_0141 IMG_0148 IMG_0169 IMG_0184 IMG_0194 
Brandon and I managed to sneak away for a baby free walk on the pier.IMG_0201 
Like my bathing suit bottoms?! I literally whipped them up in the five minutes before we left! I'll definitely be making more and do a tutorial for you guys. High waisted bathing suit=love. IMG_0204 IMG_0208 IMG_0216 IMG_0235 IMG_0239 

Today I'm working on some more handmade dresses. Hopefully I can get them done and in the shop by Friday-ish? I'm sad March is coming to an end, it's been such a great month. But April is my birthday month and I'm FINALLY turning 21! Woop woop! I hope next month will be just as good as this one! 

  IMG_5162 copy

P.S. I changed a few things on the blog, one big thing being the header! I'm going for ..... simplicity (and less girly?). I still really like the floral background I had, maybe I'll bring it back in the summer. Anyways, what do you think? Like or dislike?