Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Joy Post: Spring Break


Soooo I had a minor meltdown the other night. Mostly due to just stress I think. I'm usually really good at staying positive but every so often I just lose it. I guess you could call it a rut? It just becomes impossible to think positive about anything but luckily I have an amazing fiance that knew just what to say to make me feel 100 times better! So I thought it was time for a joy post!!! Here are some things that make me happy/I'm looking forward to!

  • I've been kind of weary about this summer (last summer it was mostly 100+ degrees... not fun) but today's warm weather got me a little excited. Mostly for swimsuits and swimming!
  • On that note, I'm excited about attempting to make my own high-waisted bikini bottom like here and here
  • Or just buying one like this one from Anthropologie, this one from Etsy, or this one from Urban Outfitters
  • Also, I'm so very excited about my handmade Dress Line!
  • I had a super awesome, fabulous weekend which I will post pictures of later. 
  • I thrifted some really great things lately. 
  • Kind of contradicting to the last (hehe) I've been doing some de-cluttering and got rid of some bulky furniture pieces. Yay for more space!
  • And I found this cool website for 20 something bloggers which I will be joining soon!
  • Also, Brandon and I stayed up last night watching Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead via Netflix and are now motivated to cut processed foods out of our diets! Well... we're going to try at least. 
  • In the spirit of that, we are going to try to purge our fridge/pantry by not buying groceries for the next two weeks! We set a limit of two items per day for basics and something we may need for a meal we want to cook with the food that we do have. 
  • Let's see.... We're on "Spring Break". 
  • And I have Eliza back from her Grandma's!

So, a lot to be happy about! Now I just have to focus on the good and not the bad! 

P.S. Feel free to join in and link back with your own joy post! In case you are new, this is where it all started.
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