Friday, March 23, 2012

Home Tour: Living Area

Alright! It's been a little while since the last home tour bit. So here is our "living" area. This is the view from our bedroom. I'm skipping the kitchen and eating area for now because I have yet to take pictures of them. Woops! But directly to the left (out of site) is where our table is and then that wall on the right? On the other side of that is our teeny little kitchen. 

MOVING ON! So this is kind of the grand picture here.
It's so hard to capture a good photo of these planes but.. I think this is pretty good? 
My mother refurbished this vintage lamp for me and I love it!
Ok, so I'm going to just slip in links every where to related posts (mostly all the DIY's in my house). Just so you know....end table
My lovely couches! These were hand made by my dad back in the 70's! I have recovered the cushions since I've gotten them (twice!) and now am using a bunch of pillows for the back which is super handy. Whenever we want to lay down or have guests over, we have tons of pillows to use! Also, want to make your own chevron wall curtain? Or a U.S. map pillow?
IMG_8639 copy
IMG_8647 copy
Green plant, nightstand (which Eliza has apparently colored all over)
IMG_8665 copy
Moving to the right, we have our TV! I've had this thing since like 7th grade. The desk, I inherited. And our giant, AWESOME, pirate ship picture was thrifted for like $5!
IMG_8666 copy
Also, here is our coffee table (borrowed from my mom). The suitcases underneath are used to store extra linens for guests... or when we watch movies.
IMG_8670 copy
IMG_8672 copy
A little more to the right and we have our bookshelf! Hanging hearts, mini papasan chair, bookshelf
Where we keep majority of our books and little trinkets.
IMG_8688 copy
DIY wall art. This little hula man was in my first ever car! Unfortunately it got totaled but I had to keep this guy, he's just so darn cute! And all those movies make up my Johnyy Depp collection. Yes, I'm a big fan.
IMG_8701 copy
DIY fabric hook rack, paint chip art, and some other thrifted pretties.
IMG_8706 copy
Front door, our shoes (oooh exciting!), chalkboard thought bubble (made by Brandon!) and a little peek into our patio!
IMG_8711 copy
IMG_8713 copy
I originally bought this basket to turn upside down and make into a hanging light... but it ended up being the perfect place for Eliza's little shoes. And there's our record collection.
Hanging shelf
And here's the last bit! Our little study corner.... with Johnny Depp looking over us (:
My collection of cameras
Favorite chair, painted desk and drawers, green plant
Eliza's bookshelf.
Record player I got Brandon for his birthday! And a sweet Sweeney Todd record (no, not the one with Johnny Depp).
My sweet little Kalanchoe
I have to be honest, I kind of just got this thing and have been trying to fill it up but for now it's just... empty/odd looking.

These glasses, along with the metal circular thing beside our tv, I found at the beach after a hurricane. I thought they were kind of cute ;)

So that's our living space! I wanted it to be cozy but a little adventurous. And a LOT handmade! 

I've done a little more de-cluttering since these pictures, you know, getting rid of stuff we don't need! And I've got some more DIY ideas to make it more functional. So stay tuned!

**Note: I thought I should mention that my house is NEVER this clean. At least while Eliza is there. Two year olds destroy everything. 

IMG_5162 copy