Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Plants

I first got this idea from Manic Mrs. Stone, she did a post on houseplants that can filter toxins from your air! She linked it to a store called Green Your Air that sells these plants. I was really interested and thought, "Sure! I'd like cleaner air in my place!" so I went to the site. 

The more I looked the more excited I got until I saw the prices on the plants and my heart sank (most of them are $40). Now, I have a massive respect for their concept and beliefs, great small business. However, I'm poor and can not afford that. So I did some more research and found this Ted Talks

It talks about three major plants that can filter your air. They are the Areca Palm, Mother-in-law's Tongue (aka snake plant), and the Money Plant(sometimes mistakenly labeled a philodendron). After a little more searching (another very informational video) I found a few more common houseplants that help filter the air such as the Kalanchoe, the Peace Lily, and even Ferns! Turns out, I already had a Money Plant and never even knew, but I wanted more!

So the next day, I took a trip to Home Depot and found.... almost all of them! But you know, I have a limited fund so I only took home two. I chose the Snake Plant and a pretty Kalanchoe plant. Woopee!

IMG_9832 copy
IMG_9846 copy
(Snake Plant)
IMG_9851 copy
IMG_9842 copy
This is what the tags looked like, they even have a little "stamp" (the blue circle thing) that states they generate oxygen. 

 The good thing about both of these is that they can be easily propagated (basically growing more plants with the leaves or flowers from the original)!! I found this helpful video on propagating the snake plant and with the Kalanchoe, I just snipped off the flowers, let them dry for a couple of days and then buried the stems in some dirt with a little water.

IMG_9843 copy
She insisted I take this picture (really, she did!).

I have gotten a fern since then and am going to plant that soon. And someday I would also like to get a peace lily and one of those palms too! I've been trying to buy less things though but I mean.... these are plants. And they're for a good cause! So do they really count as thingssss??? Or am I just trying to justify my spending? I don't know.... I may have a problem. 

IMG_5162 copy