Friday, March 9, 2012

Girlish Garb: Like Mother Like Daughter

Girlish Garb
This will be the last outfit post with black hair! I haven't worn jeans in such a long time but these are a really great pair and I made this shirt soooo it just kind of happened.
Outfit Details: 
Shirt- DIY
Cardigan- Forever 21
Necklace- DIY
Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Payless 

I don't usually shop at places other than thrift stores but when I do it's usually Forever 21 just because it's cheap and cute. And the things I do buy are mostly "basics", just thought I should explain why it seems I wear a lot of Forever 21. I really try to avoid it though...
Also, I wanted to share my motif for going black (it's really a dark, dark brown but I'm just going to say black).  I have this picture of my mother from when she was a teen, working at Baskin Robin's. Isn't she cute?! She had reeeally dark hair when she was young. It's something I've always wanted to try and this picture just gave me the extra push! Cause if she looked so good than it must not look horrible on me right? But I didn't end up liking it so now I'm back to red.... and that's that!
Snapshot_20120309 copy

In other news, I made some blog cards! It's about time. I really liked the way they turned out too. Woot woot!
IMG_8899 copy

So today is the start of our Spring Break! I'm not quite sure what we'll be doing but we're definitely going to make the best of it! Do you guys have any exciting plans??

IMG_5162 copy