Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girlish Garb: All Stripes

Girlish Garb
We went to visit my mother-in-law recently at her new home! She's living in the cutest little cottage-style home on a gorgeous plot of land (and I'm totally jealous). So I took the opportunity to take some pictures before sunset!
It was kind of a chilly day so I threw on some leggings and my favorite comfy cardigan! And of course, my new glittery flats!

Outfit Details: 
Dress- Thrifted 
Tank- Thrifted 
Cardigan- Forever 21 
Leggings- Forever 21?
Shoes- DIY 
Necklace- DIY

Eliza and my brother photo bombing my pictures as usual ;)
Kind of blurry but I thought it was cute!
IMG_9176 copy

Isn't this the cutest mail box you ever laid your eyes on?! I want it. 

My day has been pretty relaxing. We went to my dad's and started cleaning out his garage. I say started because it's going to take a good couple of days to make our way through all of his.... junk. If you guys follow me on twitter, you would know that my dad is a bit of a hoarder. I totally got that from him but luckily I've got my hoarding under control. Unfortunately for my dad though, he does not. He's been super stressed out lately and it's more than he can handle so I've taken it upon myself to share all the de-cluttering I've been doing! Last week we did his kitchen and filled up three garbage bags and a hot tub sized box for goodwill. GUYS, the baking powder he has been using expired in 2005! Now, I love my dad butttt really? He just has too much stuff and not enough time to deal with it all so once a week, my brother and I are trying to spend a day getting rid of shit/organizing/getting rid of more shit. It's kind of fun though, I like cleaning and it makes me feel good knowing how much this is going to help my dad (and my brother since he has to live there now). 

So anyways, the last part of the day I spent hanging outside with Eliza. We lounged around in our bathing suits, jumped in the pool a few times (it's still kind of chilly), played with water balloons, and ate mac & cheese! I can't wait until the water is warm enough and we can get that baby to swim! She really loves the water and I feel like this is the summer! Crossing my fingers.
IMG_5162 copy