Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easiest Tomato Sauce EVER!

As you know, Brandon and I decided to make ourselves a little challenge! For two weeks, we were only allowed to buy two grocery items per day in order to use up all the stuff we already had. This was pretty easy but after a couple of days, we ate up all of our essentials and had to really start planning our meals. And that is how I discovered how to make the EASIEST tomato sauce known to man. Are you ready for this?
IMG_0279 copy
Cut up 4 tomatoes (we went organic)
Throw them in a blender
Puree and dump in saucepan
And really you can stop there. We decided to throw a chunk of cream cheese in (because we had some) and then some basic italian seasoning.
And then I let it cook for about 15 minutes, served with angel hair, and some grated parmesan!
 Was that easy or what?! Now, this is not your mother's thick and hearty tomato sauce. But hey, with only 4 tomatoes and 20 minutes times, this is pretty darn good. It's very light and healthy tasting. Of course, you can add some meat, more seasoning, and cook it longer but we were pretty satisfied. We also decided this sauce would be perfect for some seafood pasta? Maybe? 

IMG_5162 copy