Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY: Jar Soap Dispenser

I'm sure you all have seen this before! I was getting tired of ugly plastic soap dispensers and wanted something a little more... natural looking? And not plastic! So I made a soap dispenser out of a jar.
For christmas, my AWESOME dad got me all these cool power tools and accessories! Every girl's dream, right?! I was over the hill excited and this may have been my first project (yes, it's that old).
So I got a jar, some soap (which I will be using the top of), and my handy-dandy drill and went to work!
I started out by drilling a hole in the middle of the lid with the largest bit I had. But this wasn't big enough for the soap top so I grabbed some scissors and made the hole just big enough for the soap thing to slip through.
IMG_5009 copy
You can also glue it all up to seal it buttt I got lazy and decided I didn't need it. 
IMG_5021 copy
Then all you have to do is put some soap in!

IMG_5162 copy