Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY: Heart Suitcase

T.G.I.F! So this DIY has a funny story to go along with it. I was thrifting one day and spotted this suitcase. I walked over to check it out and saw that it was only $2 (suitcases were half off that day). I tried to open it but saw it had a lock and assumed it was locked. So I picked it up and felt that there was stuff in it. In fact, it was quite heavy! So I decided to be adventurous and bought it basically for whatever might be hidden inside. I took it home and got all these tools out to try and break this sucker open. 
This is me trying to pry it open.
After much banging and prodding, I realized the locked parts just slid sideways! HA! So I opened it and found these items.
Inside was a couple of t-shirts, this (awesome) Ren and Stimpy pillowcase and a couple of karate belts. Luuucky me, right? So now I totally feel like a dummy for not figuring out the stupid slidey thing and there's not even anything good in there! I got a good laugh out of it though. And I told just about everyone I saw that day (which was probably only a handful of people). It was kind of a rush, buying it and just thinking about what I might find on the ride home.
 Haha, anyways. So now I had this suitcase leftover and decided to pretty it up so I could put it to good use!
IMG_1489 copy
It was pretty easy, all I did was cut out some fabric hearts...
IMG_1488 copy
Arrange them...
IMG_1493 copy
Then I used a little Modpodge to put under each heart.
IMG_1498 copy
I stuck the heart on top of that...
IMG_1499 copy
And put another coat of Modpodge on top.
IMG_1501 copy
And of course, continue with all of them.
IMG_1503 copy
After cleaning the inside, I put it on top of Eliza's dress and am now using it as a tabletop/storage in her little corner of the room.

I believe I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess (it was kind of a long time ago). 

In other news! If you follow me on twitter, you would already know but I died my hair again today! And it's like... fire red. Or copper? I don't know, it's very bright and red-orangy. Not sure about it yet, I'm kind of hoping it will fade a little in the next couple of days. I keep trying to take pictures to share but somehow my camera never quite captures how really RED it is. Or maybe I'm imagining it? So yea, that' my news for today. I'm going to go enjoy me weekend now....  

IMG_5162 copy