Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY: Glitter Shoes

GUYS. These are my new favorite shoes! I don't know where this glitter obsession came from but I can not get enough of it!
I bought these flats at Payless for $8 (!). They have really comfy soles and were simple, which was just what I looking for. But then I thought of this tutorial I saw a while back where someone had completely covered a pair of flats in glitter and I was tempted. But that's just too much for me so I opted for a more subtle version and it was perfect! Here's what I did.
What you'll need is a pair of flats, glitter, tape, and Mod Podge.
I taped off the shoes, trying to make them as even as possible.
Gave it a nice coat of Mod Podge.
And dumped the glitter on. Luckily they had a nice coat of glitter after the first attempt so I just kept it at that. You can do an additional coat though.
IMG_9121 copy
Last, I gave it one more coat of Mod Podge (this will dry clear) and gently peeled off the tape while it was still a bit wet.
Then you just let them dry and voila! I absolutely love these. When I'm feeling a bit frumpy I just throw these babies on and it's like magic! Suddenly I feel... dazzling! I didn't know how fragile the glitter would be and was really protective of them at first but after a bit of (accidental) bumping around, I realized that the glitter is on there pretty freakin' good. And in any case of the glitter coming off, all I have to do is touch it up with some Mod Podge and more glitter! 

The other grandma has stolen Eliza for a couple of days so we are enjoying some peace and quiet. I'm off to work a bit and maybe have a date night tonight? It still feels like the weekend.... which is good because it's SPRING BREAK! I'll be back to share some of our weekend, it turned out to be quite eventful. 

IMG_5162 copy