Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mini Shop Update

I hardly ever do "shop updates" but I think I'll do more!? Here are some things I've JUST listed. Fresh off the press!! I'm going to be lazy right now and just give you a link to my store where you can check out all these lovelies and mooore. Sam Wish (and I changed up the front page a bit too).

maxi skirt

navy dress

corduroy skirt

blue sweater

blue bib

coral floral

***Warning: Long Detailed Description of My Day***

So, about my day. Thinking back on it, it probably wasn't as crazy as I thought it was at the time. Perhaps it was just that Eliza was being a terror and making every little thing seem crazy... even though it wasn't. We started out by rushing out the door to get Eliza to the doctor. We make it and she's behaving pretty well. 

From there I decide we needed to eat lunch. So we went to the McDonald's drive through (don't judge) but before we ate, I wanted to stop at Walgreens to get some disinfecting wipes (doctor's office=gerrrrms). I also had to get a car charger because my phone was dying. So we ran in but Eliza started being crazy and grabbing at everything. She does this thing now (if you have kids, you know what I'm talking about), whenever I try to hold her hand she just goes completely limp and falls to the floor until she has the chance to get up and run away. It's funny... sometimes but such a pain. And then when I try to pick her up she's like a little wiggly worm and makes it impossible to hold her. 

So there I am, trying to check out with disinfecting wipes and a car charger in one hand, worm baby in the other. Fine, I pay and we make it back to the car. Then it's to the bank. We had some trouble at the bank and it ended up having to be there for like 30 minutes. Eliza is running around the whole dang place and every time I try to constrain her, she just liquifies in my arm. Finally I just have to let her throw her fit on the floor so I can concentrate on getting out of there. Fuuun. As soon as we start driving again, she falls asleep. Phew! 

We drive to the car dealership which is about 45 minutes away, peace and quiet. But as soon as we stop and I call her name, she starts screaming and bawling. She has NEVER done that before. Greeeat. I calm her down and we go inside to find a man about paying for my car. We end up in this guys office and Eliza decides she wants to hide under his desk. That's ok, but after a while she gets too close to his feet so I pull her up. And of course, she starts screaming and flailing around. The poor guy I was working with tried to give her some paper and a pen to draw with and she threw the pen across the room! I pretty much give up at that point and let her melt back to the floor. 

THEN I bribe her with hot chocolate (they had a machine dealy) and all the sudden she's an angel. She finds the guys pen, draws him a pretty picture and let's me finish up my paperwork. I don't know what happened but she completely flipped. We played in the cars in the showroom of the dealership, got hot cocoa, and went home where I proceeded to collapse on my bed. 

Keeping up with that girl all morning was exhausting! After that, we went for a walk because it was so nice outside and then had a yummy, ham dinner. Eliza went to bed early and Brandon and I watched an episode of Twin Peaks. I don't really know how I'm up this late because I am draaaained. I can't wait till  Mother's Day Out tomorrow and I can have a chance to actually get some stuff done! Kids. *deep exhale*

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