Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joy: The Past

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years


I haven't done a Joy post in a while and I feel like I've been kind of negative so Joy post it is! I've been particularly reminiscent lately and since this post I've felt really good! One of the hardest things about becoming a mother to me is being at peace with... just that, being a mother and not a normal 20 year old (partying and running about without a baby). I let myself become way over-stressed about the smallest of things and forget how to have fun! But the past week, I've been really relaxed and enjoying myself without thinking about the million things I have to do. 

So anyways! It reminds me of how I used to be, youthful and worry-free! Which is why I've been reminiscing about my past and trying to regain some of that. I came across these fun pictures of me in high school so for this Joy post, I wanted to share some of them!

During our show of "My Fair Lady", see Eliza Doolittle taking the picture?

Me in our "set shop", this is where I learned to build things! One of the greatest things I took away from high school. 

And here's brandon! This is in one of our "dressing rooms", we used to hang out there. Look at my little Fruit Loop man! 

This is my best friend! His name is Jackson and he is an AMAZING singer, I'll have to share a video some day. I love this picture, I look so happy (: 

During a rehearsal in our "black box". This is during my senior year and believe it or not, I was preggo! And it's kind of funny because I played a mom in this show (before anyone even knew)! Crazzzzay. 

Haha, I love this picture! This was my first automobile! A little white toyota tacoma (stick shift!). I was pregnant here too (but didn't know it). A bunch of my friends, my brother and sister, and I went on a road trip to Louisiana! Our parents were in a separate car so we had tons of fun all by ourselves. (that's my brother to the right) 

My sister and I hanging out in the black box. My hair was so long! I think in this picture I just found out I was pregnant (my boobs were huge). 

And in this picture, I am obviously pregnant. We just ate warheads! To the right is one of our good friends, Meg! She is Eliza's godmother and is a really amazing chic. 

This is during the last trimester of pregnancy. I got really sick of my hair and chopped it all off. I went to a salon with a picture of pretty much that ^^ but ended up getting a BOWL CUT! So I went home and cut my own hair for the first time, exactly the way I wanted it. 

I think most of these were during my senior year. That was a hard but awesome year, these pictures just make me happy (: 

Here are some joys in my past week: 
  • Taking Eliza to her first fair! I think I was more excited than her. The boys ended up ditching us to sit inside so Eliza and I played some games, got some prizes and really had fun! 
  • Oh, and she got her first taste of cotton candy! That was exciting! 
  • I made a Valentine's lookbook.  
  • Was featured on Beauty Riot again. 
  • Did a mini blog makeover, what do you think? 
  • I finally wrapped my hair
  • Discovered an awesome fashion blogger, my latest inspiration- Steffys Pros and Cons
  • Joined Chictopia
  • Added some new things to the store and got new business cards! 
  • Got some exercising in while getting Eliza to Mother's Day Out, win-win! 
  • And I think the best part of my week was encountering some really awesome and nice people. Either via blogging or my store. It's made me excited to check my inbox everyday, it's nice to connect with people ya know?!

So what were your joys this week? Anything exciting happen? Or just something that made you happy? I want to know! 

ALSO, the My Memories scrapbooking software giveaway ends tomorrow! I think only one person has entered so far, so you have a good chance of winning... 

And I did a guest post over at Middlepaw about my Love Story, check it out. 

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