Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY: A little t-shirt makeover

I have had this large grey shirt laying around forevverrrr. It's hard to describe but the grey isn't a solid grey, it's like a blend of multiple shades of grey.... if that makes since. The name escapes me right now but I know there is one for it..... Anyways, I like whatever kind of coloring that is so I bought it planning to do something with it. And then I didn't. Until I dug it up the other day and decided to make a crop top! It's pretty simple, here's what I did. 

I used a crop top I already had for a template. (pardon the crap all over my floor)

It was a bit too loose so I took it in along the sides and sleeves about a half an inch. Pretty simple. 

Then I decided to add a pretty pocket for some flair! 

I folded down the top and sewed that. 

Then, I ironed down the rest of the sides. 

I then pinned it in place (just the front, make sure not to get the back!!!)

And sewed that baby down! I'll have to do an outfit post soon to share, it came out really cute. 



Also, I wanted to share these pictures I took of some waffles Brandon made! They were Apple Wholewheat Kirby Lane pancakes with Reese's peanut butter chips, yum! He also put whip cream on top and a dollop of peach preserves on the side. Oh, that boy... And for those of you that don't know, Kirby Lane is one of our favorite restaurants in Austin, TX. They sell their delicious pancake mix at HEB, I highly recommend them!

Tomorrow (or technically today) is Monday. Not sure I'm ready but it's comin' no matter what, right? I've got a long to-do list and am already starting to get stressed out. Oi.

IMG_5162 copy