Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY: Glam Glasses

short little late night post ;) 

DIY glam glasses. 

You will need, mod podge, glitter, and some glasses from the thrift store with the little metal things missing. 

Fill hole with mod podge. 

Coat with glitter. Let dry. 

Coat another time with mod podge. 

And add some more glitter. Let dry and remove glitter around edges. Glam glasses! 

I'm not really a bling-y person, but this was the perfect glittery touch to spruce up some boring glasses! 

My day has been quite a whirlwind. Last night, I went night fishing (more on that another time). And we didn't get home until 5 in the morning. Then at 10:30 Brandon and I drug ourselves out of bed to go car shopping with my dad. We drove around Houston ALL day from dealership to dealership hunting down cars. During this time I had about 5 cups of free (and delicious coffee) dealership coffee. So we searched until we found the perfect car annnnd we did! We bought that sucker and then drove it home around 8-ish (more on that another time too). Then I came home and ALL THE SUDDEN all that coffee kicked in and I started to get the jitters. Weird weird feeling. So then I sat down to write a paper and was just completely overwhelmed. BLEH. I hate papers. After about  3 hours I finally finished it and am sooo relieved that's over with. Still have the jitters though..... I don't think I'll be sleeping for a while. Maybe I'll clean?!!! Haaa, hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. Tomorrow will be the first Sunday not spent entirely on homework and I'm kind of excited. I get Eliza back tomorrow, I miss her. We're going to go on an adventure (: 

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