Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dark Hair

Girlish Garb

Outfit Details: 
Striped Dress: Thrifted 
Lace blouse: Forever 21 (I know, I know. I wear this a lot)
Necklace: DIY
Well folks, take a good look. I died my hair dark brown a couple of days ago but I think I'm already over it.... If I was ever into it to begin with. I just don't think dark hair is for me. I don't know what it is.... it looks alright but it just doesn't feel like me, ya know?! I was contemplating going back to brown or red but after looking through some old pictures, I think I'm going.... RED! Seriously, I totally have the complexion of a red head. This is probably the closest to my natural hair color (dark brown) I've been since I had Eliza. 

 I'll share some pictures some day but I do believe now I've tried every color (besides non-natural colors, maybe that's next?!). Hehe. What can I say? I love dying my hair (: 

IMG_5162 copy