Monday, January 9, 2012

I need your thoughts!

I'm forced to use Brandon's mac while mine is.... indisposed. I was going to take some pictures with Eliza but couldn't figure out how. And then I found this picture! This was our first family picture taken with Brandon's computer. Look how plump and bald Eliza is! Cute..... 

Anyways, back to business! So I need you guy's opinions. Since I have nothing better to do, I've been thinking a lot about my store and I want to "re-organize" it... or them. Right now I have all handmade goods in one and vintage in the other. But since I have vintage clothes/jewelry and handmade clothes/jewelry I feel that it might be a little confusing and complicated to seperate the two. So I'm thinking of changing things up a bit but I don't know what to put where. This is where you guys come in! 

I have two stores. I would like to keep two but if you think one would be better, feel free to let me know! 

These are the products I have: 
Vintage clothes 
Handmade (upcycled) clothes 
Vintage Jewelry 
Handmade Jewelry
Purses & Shoes & Other Accessories
Home Decor

Should I put all the clothes, accessories, and jewelry in one store and then just have the other store for home decor? 

Or should I just do clothes in one and everything else in the other? 

Or just one shop? 

What do you guys think would be the least confusing??? I would really love your opinion! Like A LOT. I'm so stuck and can't figure out what to do, so please please please help me out (: 
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