Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Na-tu-ral Baby!

I'm so proud of myself guys! I've finally converted all of our "beauty" products to natural, eco-friendly, and most importantly safe products (ok, so this doesn't involve makeup or toothpaste- maybe in the future). Now my next goal is to make the same move with all of our cleaning products... we'll see how that goes. Anyways! If you guys haven't been following very long, I've had this goal to reduce our waste and be more natural. In my quest for both of these, I found out how bad shampoo/beauty products are. They have so many harsh chemicals in them that I really don't want to be putting on my body every single day (or every other day...) and decided I had to change! Not to mention, they are wasteful, way more expensive than they should be, and actually make you use more shampoo than you really need too! I was so stunned that these were products that I had just grown accustomed to and it was just common sense to use them when in fact, they aren't good for you and are just a big scam to get money out of you! Ok, sorry about my ranting- back to the point. So I tried going "no-poo" a while back and used baking powder (shampoo) and apple cider vinegar (conditioner) but I just didn't like it. I could never tell if I had cleaned my whole head until it was already dry and Brandon hated the smell of the vinegar so we had to find a different solution. It took us (and by us I do mean me) a little trial and error to find what we liked best and what we needed. So this is what we've found and what works for us! 

Body Wash & Shampoo: 

Dr. Bronners! We use this for body wash and shampoo. For the shampoo, I use a little squirt bottle and mix half of Dr. Bronners and half water (just so it's not as harsh on my scalp). I've tried the hemp (it's alright), the peppermint (amazing!), and am now on the tea tree oil (smells like pine trees but is pretty good). We also use the baby one for Eliza and she seems to like it. I buy these at Target. 


Conditioner was the trial and error part. I first didn't use any but my hair got really frizzy and dull and got tangled wayy too easily. I'm not used to having frizzy hair so this kind of freaked me out. Then I used a mixture of lemon juice and water (but that goes bad quick), and after that I tried some other "organic" conditioner that I just didn't like. I had been having some itchy scalp problems so I looked for something with tea tree oil and found this! Now, on the bottle, the directions are ridiculous and it tells you to use like 20 squirts. Craziness. I use about 3, rub in as much as I can, splash a little water on my hair, rub a little more to really get my scalp and then rinse out. Voila! Shiny, frizz-free, not tangled hair. I bought this at Sally's Beauty Salon. 

On days where I don't take a shower but want to wash my face, I either use just water for a little refresher or baking soda if I really want a clean face. For the baking soda, I keep a little jar right by my sink and just shake out about a teaspoon into my hand with a tiny amount of water, rub together to make kind of a paste and rub onto my face. Then rinse. Healthy, natural, safe, and cheap! For some, this might be a little too harsh/dry out your skin too much (brandon). So I suggest some lotion or make some honey face wash (tons of recipes online).  

For spot treatments on pimples, I use a q-tip and apply a little bit of rubbing alcohol to dry it out. Works for me and is cheap. 

Here is a great lotion I have recently found: 

I found this particular Shea Moisture at Target. I got the "acne prone" one to use on our face and Brandon loves it. 

And for the rest of our body, we use this Shea Moisture: Baby Healing Lotion. Let me tell you, it smells delicious! I found this one before the one above at a Walgreens and just fell in looooove. Seriously, best smelling lotion ever and I'm not really a fan of lotion. 

So that's what we use, and I'm pretty satisfied! I'll be testing out the lavender Dr. Bronner's when I'm done with the tea tree oil one and can't wait too see how that one is.

I got really inspired last night and ended up staying awake until 2 researching homemade dishwasher detergent! It's kind of funny, but this is how it all started (getting inspired I mean). I had chinese like 3 times in the last week for lack of time and any good places to eat around here. Well, after the third time, I felt pretty disgusting and then happened to stumble upon Veggie Wedgie while reading My Little Loves. It was one of those, the right place at the right time, kind of deals. It just made me realize that your really are what you eat and that I didn't want to be fried rice and slimy fried chicken! So I made a vow to myself to eat healthier and  natural. And that led to just living more naturally. And then I ran out of dishwasher detergent and decided to make my own! And then I decide that once I do that, I will make my own laundry detergent and liquid soap and household cleaners! Sooooo then I stayed up until two and almost regretted it this morning. But it was good, and now I'm working on the perfect concoction for dishwasher detergent. I'll let you know how that goes ;)

So, what about you?! Do you use organic beauty products or household products? Any suggestions? I'd love to hear what you gotta say! 

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