Friday, November 4, 2011

Taco Soup

Soup for the soul! This is the perfect soup for the start of winter and it is sooo yummy. One day last week, Brandon had school late one night so Eliza and I cooked up this Taco Soup! I originally got the idea from Betty Crocker but changed it up a bit. This soup is kind of a mix between tortilla soup and chili. 

Grocery List:
1 lb ground beef 
Corn Chips 
Packet of Taco Sauce 
Progresso Hearty Tomato Sauce (19 oz)
Tomato Sauce (15 oz)
Monterrey Jack Cheese (1 oz)
Picante Sauce (optional: for a little kick) 
Diced Green Chiles (4.5 oz)
Corn (half a can)

First, start off by browning your meat and drain it.

IMG_0193 copy
In a large saucepan, combine the meat with the Progresso Heart Tomato Soup and Tomato Sauce 

IMG_0194 copy

IMG_0196 copy

IMG_0198 copy

IMG_0205 copy
I let this come to a boil and then added the taco seasoning, a can of corn (I added a whole can but it ended up having to add more tomato sauce to even it out so I suggest half a can), the diced green chiles, and picante sauce. The green chiles and picante sauce are optional. You can omit them if you are very sensitive to spicy foods but Eliza ate them and was fine, it just adds a bit of a ziiing. 

IMG_0201 copy

IMG_0206 copy

IMG_0207 copy

IMG_0208 copy

IMG_0210 copy
Let that simmer for about 20 minutes until it thickens a bit. Now it's time to serve it up, chili style! 

IMG_0211 copy

IMG_0213 copy
First the corn chips,

IMG_0214 copy
And then the cheese! We like cheese, can you tell? 

IMG_0215 copy

IMG_0222 copy
(recognize the map coaster?)

IMG_0229 copy

IMG_0225 copy

IMG_0218 copy
Eliza "super" liked it! I apologize about the naked booty-ness. She changes clothes about 4 times a day and by dinner time, she's just running around naked! What can I say? 

IMG_0217 copy

IMG_0231 copy

It's probably for the best, because that girl sure knows how to make a mess! 

How was your week?! I don't really remember mine, it was kind of a blur. Now that it's winter, I want to start knitting/crocheting things! Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to meet up with a friend and learn to crochet. I plan on knitting myself and the fam some nice cozy hats! I sound like a grandma.... but I just love it! Hope you guys had a great friday, woopee for sleeping in! 
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