Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We started off our Halloween by carving pumpkins! It was a lot of fun and easier than I expected? I think Eliza had the most fun though, she was making "pie" out of the mush from inside the pumpkins. Yummmm

2011-10-31 16.18

2011-10-31 16.45

Then she started sticking her feet in it and it was time to go inside! The pumpkin below is mine and the weird one with all the seeds impaled in it is Brandon's. 

2011-10-31 16.44


 We rinsed off our seeds to bake later and decided to get dressed up! We just found some things from our closet and put on some fun makeup! We put glitter on our cheeks and went crazy with some purple eyeliner. After, we visited my dad since we won't see him in a while and handed out some candy. Then I talked Eliza into going trick or treating and we went to a total of.... THREE houses! Yay! It was funny because the first house, a lady answered and Eliza did really good and even said "twick or tweat" but the last two, men answered and when I would ask her what to say, she would go "mommy!" and try to hide behind me. So I'm glad we decided against full out trick or treating. Plus, she really doesn't need all that candy. Since no one comes down my dad's street, all three houses loaded her up. After all that, we met Brandon back at the house, cooked dinner, watched Hocus Pocus, and ate some yummy popcorn balls! We even got a few trick or treaters at our apartment too! So that was our Halloween. Pretty chill but we had a good time. 





I just happened to have this dress (hand-me-down?) and the pumpkin is from her godmother, thanks Meg! How was your Halloween? Do you like to keep it chill or go all out?! 
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