Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Table Cloth to Rug

So, I did this a while ago (atleast a month) but wasn't too sure about the outcome. But whatever! I'm just going to put it up. It's been in my house for a while and I think I kinda like it, even though it didn't quite come out the way I wanted. Anyways, I bought this table cloth (not knowing what it was) and used it as a rug but Eliza kept using it as a blanket (and still does). So one day, my mother came over and was like, "Is that a tablecloth?" and I replied, "Ohhhh my gosh! Hahah, it totally is a tablecloth!". She gave me the idea of using a canvas dropcloth as a backing to make it a little more stiff so that's what I did! 

Here's what it looked like to begin with (ignore the mess)

I decided to tye-dye it so I wrapped some rubber bands around it. 

Put it in the bathtub, and wet it. 

Then, I boiled some water and mixed in my dye (note- I used really cheap dye and it turned out crappy, I suggest RIT dye)



Also, avoid spilling, like I did. 

Then, I applied the dye mixture. 


While that was sitting, I cut out my dropcloth. I measured the diameter of my rug.

Folded my drop cloth in half, and then in half once more. 

Then I placed my yardstick edge at the corner (which will be the center of my circle) and measured the radius. Cut using the radius measurement all the way around until you have a quarter circle. 

Unfold, and you should have a circle that is the same size as your rug. 

Then, wash your rug. Lay it out on the drop cloth and sew it in place. 


Ta-da! Tye-dye rug. Kind of. What do you think? I'm still not too sure but atleast it protects our carpet from Eliza's mess. 

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