Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Shoebox Dollhouse

One day last week it was raining so Eliza and I decided to make something! I remember seeing these cute little dolls over at Cakies and wanted to make some of our own. And of course, if you make some dolls, you gotta make a dollhouse! I may have gone a little overboard.... but it sure did turn out cute. 

I couldn't find the wooden dolls so I had to get creative and make some of my own! We used wooden egg things and round pieces with a hole in the middle. And glue those babies together! 



Next, I butchered a shoebox and made my house. 


I got a bunch of scrapbook paper to use as "wallpaper". Oh, and I added a door. 



This is supposed to be a light, can you tell? 

Sparkly paper for the roof (yes, please?!!!) and this little metal frame to finish it off. 


Then, with the left over cardboard, I made some cute little beds. 

Which I lined with foam and made little guards to keep the dolls in place. 

Last, I added some trimming to the room and some felt bedding for the dolls. Oh and some cute "frames" from leftover paper. 



I was going to take some pretty pictures with it like outside but Eliza kind of messed it up the next day. I'm glad I got these though! If it lasts through another week or so, maybe I'll do the outside.... but that's doubtful. 


Ha, and this is my messy workstation (aka the kitchen table). I spent about $20 on this project but could definitely have spent less. I tend to go all out and ending up spending like 2 hours making this dang thing. It's still intact (for the most part) but I think next time, I'll save my energy and money and go with something simpler. Regardless, I enjoyed making something for Eliza. Besides the quilt and a few other little things, I haven't really made a whole lot for Eliza. I have been holding off on making clothes because I didn't want to make her something she'd grow out of so fast. Plus we have sooo many hand-me-downs that we don't need any more clothes. This project was really fun and it just made me happy the whole time thinking of how much fun she would have with it. And I think she really likes it so that makes it all worth while!

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