Friday, October 14, 2011

Google Analytics Help

I have google analytics and I love it! It's connected to my shops, and my blog so I can see how many visitors I have and where they come from! I just connected my newest shop to Google Analytics and thought I'd share a little tutorial on how you can too.

Go to Google Analytics, click on Add a New Account in the dark grey task bar. Click Sign up. Enter your website url and then under account name, I just put Then enter your time zone. Follow the directions on the next couple of pages untill you reach the page Add Tracking. Copy the web id that will be in this form: UA-XXXXXXXX-X
Then go to your Etsy. Under Shop Settings, choose the Options link and click the Web Analytics tab. Enter your web id in the "web property id" box and click save. Your done! It will probably take 24 hours for any stats to show up. And after that, you can check the number of visitors you have and traffic sources and all kinds of cool stuff!
Also, sync Google Analytics with your blog! Here's a video tutorial: video.
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