Sunday, October 2, 2011

Found Objects Jewelry Collection

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share my latest store news! A couple weeks ago, I created my Found Objects Jewelry Collection. Here's an inserpt from the description on my store:

"...My Found Objects Collection is a series of jewelry in which every item has some sort of 'found object'. I find old or vintage objects and turn it (or it's pieces) into a brand new piece of jewelry, full of character!..."
Annnd here's a little sample:

rock pendant


stone and heart

feather pendant

green pendant

feather and stone necklace

clock necklace

It was really fun to make jewelry, and it kind of brought out my bohemian side! What do you think???

Also, with my recent soul searching, I've decided to open up my Etsy shop again! My new store's not doing too good because I don't have the budget to advertise but I didn't want to waste all my hard work so I came up with a solution. I'm going to sell all my vintage wares on Etsy. This includes clothes, housewares (!), and jewelry. And then all my upcycled goods will be sold in my Big Cartel store, this will be things I've spent more time and effort on. My hope is that the store on Etsy will bring some people to the Big Cartel shop and we'll see where that takes us. Ya?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy the last of it.

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