Monday, October 10, 2011


Well guys, remember my couches? Yeah, beige was not such a great idea. They have had milk spilt on them, blackberries smeared on them (those stain like no other!), sticky jelly fingers wiped off on them, and now permanent marker rubbed all over my poor couches. Soo, I've been looking for inspiration to re-do them... again. But this time I'm planning smarter. Here's some pretties that I came across in my search.

I love the colors in this

I've been in love with this Pallet Daybed for a looong time.

And on a somewhat unrelated note:

One of my favorite blogs featured on Oh Dee Doh: Paper Airplane Garland

Map Airplanes, yes please!

While looking for inspiration, I came across this cool site: Decor Hacks. Also, cover up scratch marks on a couch with doilies? Yes please!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was... memorable. I think I'll take myself thrifting tomorrow to get back on track. I'm actually trying to simplify my house and fill it with things that I absolutely love/can't live without because I'm tired of clutter....we'll see how that goes!

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