Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will You Be My Joy Buddy?

I got this idea from my mother and I think it's a really great way to boost your self esteem and keep you motivated! Atleast for me that is...


You see, I like to make lists... for everything, especially to-do lists . They help me remember what I have to do by righting them down and keep my thoughts on the straight and narrow! But as much of a blessing it is, it's also a curse. I have so many lists and no matter how much I do, there's always more! Too little time and too much to do! Sometimes I just want to plop down on my couch and do nothing at all! Very discouraging. But this is where a "joy buddy" comes in! Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be a buddy, the point is to take some time and think about all the things you did do instead of dwelling on of all the things you haven't done. I hate getting stuck in ruts and I think this is a good habit to start to keep me movitvated and focused! So, when I'm feeling discouraged or stressed out or just in the mood to feel good about myself, I'm going to do a Joy Post and share with you all, the good things in my day/life. I would love to hear what your "joy" of the day is! Feel free to comment!

Here's my joy of the day:
  • I woke up early and got work done before Eliza woke up (usually she's the one waking me up and it's not pretty!)
  • I braved the 20 minute wait at the post office with Eliza (kicking and screaming) to ship out some orders, yay me!
  • Did some much needed thrifting to cheer me up!
  • Got some serious work done (thanks to some starbucks and good music)
  • Took some pictures of a tutorial that I'm very excited to share!!!!
  • Took some outfit/lookbook pictures (haven't done that in a while) Speaking of which...

  • Did A LOT of catching up on the housework- dishes, laundry, organizing. Again, yay me!
  • Skyped with my sister for like an hour. Oh, and Eliza was actually communicating this time instead of just staring!
  • Tried another attempt at potty training Eliza today, she peed in her panties twice but hey, it's a start!
  • And my last joy of the day was Brandon auditioning for a play at our school! We were in theatre in high school so that was exciting. I'm just glad he's found an extra curricular activity!
The beginning part of my day was stressful but got better as the day went on. All I needed was a pick me up (the starbucks) and some positive thinkin' to get me rolling! So enough about me, what was your JOY of the day?!

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