Monday, September 26, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Ok, I know this isn't a DIY but I found some awesome stuff about a week ago and just had to share!

I decided to make another quilt so I went out and gathered a bunch of vintage sheets. And I have to say, I hit the jackpot! And I found this hook thing (name?) to replace one that Eliza ripped down. Let's see how long this one'll last

I've also found a new purse! I love how it looks but the snap is a little annoying. There's another one under the big one and it's just a hassle to do both.

IMG_8295 copy
I found this... thing. I had intended to use it as a rug but apparently it's a table cloth! So I'm fixing it up a bit (a future DIY?) to be a rug.

And the steal of the day has to be this little baby! I don't know if you can see the little keychain but it's a Michael Kors bag...


I'm not one for brand names and designer labels but at a thrift store, yes please! I got this baby for $10 and guess what?! My laptop fits inside, score! So I've got myself a new purse and a new laptop bag.


Of course, there was a downside to this purchase. The handle was broke. But luckily I found an easy fix which I'll share with my tablecloth/rug makeover. Well here's to Monday guys! Hope everyone has a magnificent week!

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