Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my day in webcam pics

So this is how my day went. First, Eliza and I woke up on time and were both in a great mood! I got both of us ready and were out the door on time, woopee! She didn't cry when I dropped her off at mother's day out and I went off to my own school. So far, so good.

School ends and I go to the library but can't get internet. So I go to McDonalds for free wi-fi and decide to get some fries, they were gross. Whatever. I find out that I have to take a test by 5:00 and I don't have time before I pick up Eliza. Ugh, maybe before my class at 4:00? If Brandon will sacrifice his nap so kindly for me (he's running on 3 hourse of sleep). Then Brandon calls (his phone is dead) and he lost his wallet (story of my life). He doesn't have enough gas to make it home so he has to wait and hope someone turns it in. Great, I have to somehow manage to take a test while watching Eliza.

But all hope is not lost! Brandon finds his wallet and makes it home before I take my test. He and Eliza fall asleep while I finish my test. I have some extra time so I look up something good to eat and I get a call. It's my school, it was closed down for the day so Brandon and I have the rest of the day off! Woohoo! Eliza and I go to the store and cook an awesome dinner!

Then things just go downhill. Brandon and I get in a stupid fight over tv shows, basically "Why won't you watch this show just to make me happy!" "You always pick the movies! I never get to watch what I want" "That's not true!" Blah, blah, blah.

I put Eliza down and Brandon falls asleep in the meantime. So now I'm in this terrible, mad mood. I don't like being mad but am too stubborn to let it past me (cause I'm totally right!). I'm stuck in this terrible rut and can't do anything about it and am just mad and don't feel like doing anything! Urrgggg.

What's a girl to do? Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We don't have school on Wednesdays so I will get to work, that always makes me feel good. I like being productive. It keeps my mind of negative things.

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