Friday, September 23, 2011

Joy Time!

Today was a long day, it just seemed like it lasted forever! I had my first test of the semester and was rushingly doing homework all day to catch up (and didn't even get to finish!). After, I came home and kind of went on a cleaning craze! Does that happen to you? Eliza is getting into her terrible two's and learning how to throw tantrums! Yayyyy! And I got a note about her being put in time out at mother's  day out. Oh, joy! Oh, and speaking of joy! Today I'm going to do a little joy post, here goes.


  • The test I took was wayy easier than I expected! Shew, what a relief!
  • Got red hair dye, going back to red. I'll have to share later.
  • I made up my first cold brew coffee! Now all I have to do is wait 12 hours to enjoy it, I'll have to share that too.
  • I cleaned a lot... and organized. I did laundry, I cleaned my whole house!
  • I'm finally getting better! A little background: We got sick at the beginning of last week and then were starting to get better last weekend but then by monday we were sick all over again! It was horrible!
  • In the last two days, all of our bedding and most of the couch stuff has been washed and I went around with antibacterial wipes cleaning everything from door handles to keyboards and all of our remotes! Anything we touch a lot, no more mister nice guy! I'm over this sick thing.
  • I got inspired to decorate my apartment more/for fall. I have been on the internet and have a whole list of to-do's!
  • I've got something exciting happening tomorrow (:
  • And the last joy of my day was getting a little creative time in by bath time! Or during bath time? I found this cutting board in the laundry room (how'd it get there?!) and since it doesn't work, I had to find another use for it
Before (booo):

IMG_8153 copy

And after:

IMG_8149 copy

I decided to make it into a place mat for Eliza in an attempt to contain her messes! Not sure if it's going to work yet but isn't it cute? It's educational as well as functional, I'm pretty proud of myself. I just realized the lady bug's head is kind of cut off.. sorry, it's there! Tomorrow's Friday, woopee.

Signature copy