Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heart Pillow Tutorial

I was inspired by this Heart Pillow Tutorial so Eliza and I made up some heart pillows for the whole fam (she even helped pick out the fabric!). This would also make a really cute gift for someone special or just a little treat for yourself! Anywho, here's a little tutorial on how I did it:

2 coordinating fabrics
sewing machine & thread
sewing pins

So first, grab your paper and draw a half heart on one side to the size you want your pillow to be. Cut it out.

Grab the fabric you chose for the heart and fold it just enough for your half heart to fit on. Place your half heart on the folded edge so that when you cut, it will unfold to be a full heart.

Cut out your heart and repeat for two matching fabric hearts.

Next, cut out a rectangle for your pocket. I just kind of estimated on the size (remember you will need about .5" extra on each side to fold over). Iron down the edges (with the front side down) about .5" on each side and pin. You're going to sew one of the longer edges (this will be the top).

Next, pin your rectangle to one of the heart pieces with the sewn edge on the top side. Make sure to somewhat center it! Sew around the two sides and the bottom (leaving the top for the opening!).

Now grab your other heart piece and place it face down on top of the first heart piece so that the fronts of them are touching. Sew around the entire edge, leaving a 3"-4" gap somewhere to turn it out. Clip the curves and center of heart. See here for help. You do this so that when you turn it out, the curve won't turn out weird and bunched.

Turn out heart, stuff it, and sew up the gap.

Heart pillow! Yay! This was "Mommy's" pillow. The pink one is for Eliza (obviously!) and the blue one for Dad! They're kind of random and I don't know where to put them but I think I'll use them to write little love notes. Yeah?

I'm in the process of cute-ifying/handmake-ifying my house! I'm sure it already appears that way but I'm making even more and I'm on a role!! Which means... lots of fun DIY's in the near future! Be prepared.

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