Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabric Wrapped Bangle Tutorial

I'm sure you have all seen these before but I'm just now hopping on the band wagon! Sometime within the last week, I've fallen in love with jewelry again. So here I go, making my own jewelry. Here's a simple little tutorial to give those bangles a cute, homemade, up-do!

All you need is your bangles, fabric, and a glue gun.

Cut your fabric into strips about 1-2" wide. Then glue one edge to the inside and start wrapping! After about 2 wraps, I glued it again to keep it all in place (this is optional though). When you reach the beginning, glue your fabric to the inside and cut off the extra.

This is how they turned out. What do you think?


Brandon got me this peacock one for me a while back but the paint started scratching off so I stopped wearing it! I wrapped in with sheer fabric in hopes that it will protect it and give it some oomph at the same time! I'm not super in love with it but I am head over heels about the black floral one! Now I just have to remember to wear it!


I'm getting sick... again. Woopeee! So it's off to bed for me, hopefully it won't last as long as last time? Ugh, I hate being sick. I wish it was the weekend....

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