Thursday, July 7, 2011

San Antonio: Air Force Base

So in the last post I told you guys we stayed at an Air Force Base while in San Antonio. I was really impressed by how pretty it was so I'm doing an entire picture post to show you!
IMG_1030 copy
This is where we stayed, it was seriously prettier inside the base than anywhere else in San Antonio.

IMG_1032 copy

IMG_1037 copy

IMG_1038 copy

IMG_1138 copy
They probably had about 20 old planes/helicopters/jets set up around the base with little info plaques, pretty cool.

IMG_1140 copy
IMG_1144 copy
Crazy kid.

IMG_1145 copy
This was my fourth of july outfit. I would post pictures but it wasn't very eventfull. We spent most of it driving.
IMG_1137 copy
I had a little fun with photoshop on this one. A request from Brandon. The rest of the San Antonio pictures will be in the next post! We're hittin' the road again tomorrow to go to Austin until Saturday. So in case I don't get a chance, have a good weekend everyone! 
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