Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Plate Find

This weekend was very long and full of activities! My brother and sister graduated from high school and there was a huge two day music festival in Houston. I'll have to post pictures on that later... But one of the highlights of my weekend was finding adorable vintage plates! You see, we don't have any microwaveable plates and I have been on the hunt pretty much since we moved in. So on Sunday, my Grandma, Aunt, and I went to Goodwill. That's when I came across these babies and I just knew I had to have them! At first I just saw all the plates (they were wrapped up together) and then my Aunt spotted the other pieces in various places around the store. It came with 4 big plates, a bunch of little plates and saucers, three cups and a milk pitcher thing. 22 pieces in all and only $9.99! So here they are, I'm in love <3

Oh, and I also got this cute oven mitt for $.79

And this dream catcher for $.99
So, good day! I'm excited to put these plates to use!
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