Sunday, June 19, 2011

Studio Makeover Project

I've been trying to makeover my studio and make it look like a room more than just a bunch of piles of junk! Here are a couple things I've done.

I had these dark, drab curtains hanging behind my desk and they did absolutely nothing for the room. So I dug up some cute fabric that had enough length and made some new ones.

Ahh, soo much better. Excuse the mess on my desk please (:

Next I reupholstered the chair that I use.

Pretty ugly, huh?

First, I unscrewed the cusion.

Then, I pryed out all the staples holding the fabric to the cushion.

I measured a new piece of fabric using the one that was already on the seat. Then I stapled that sucker on and screwed the cushion back in place.

A little more modern, a lot less gross.

The fabric is really cute, it's waterproof with a floral print. I'll have to take some detail shots so you guys can see! I'll share some more later!

Signature copy