Friday, June 17, 2011

Simple Towel Makeover

I found these fun dish towels at Kroger the other day for $1 each!
I really liked the blue so, I bought three. I gave this one a mini makeover so that I could hang it on my stove and it would stay put! I got the idea from here: source.  (Mine's kind of a condensed version)
So here's what I did:

First, I measured how much I wanted on the backside (about 6")

Then I marked about an inch from the bottom of the short end (mark the top and bottom piece on the right and left edges).

And sewed gathers into it, to do this,

I just started sewing on one side and kept pushing the fabric under the presser foot to make it gather and sew over it. And just do that all the way across from one pin to the next. Repeat to the top and bottom parts.

Then I cut 4, 7.5" pieces of ribbon.

And sew them where the gathering meets the edge (with the right side facing the same direction as the right side of the fabric). Repeat with all 4 ribbon pieces.

And done!

I loove the way this came out and might make a couple more!

It's perfect for Eliza too, right at her level! I'm so glad it's Friday, I'm so ready for the weekend. Although I have to work this weekend, it's nice that Brandon is off. Hopefully we'll get some beach time in! Have a great Friday everyone!

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