Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plate Art

So before I found my amazing retro plates, I had this idea that I was going to thrift a bunch of mix match ones and draw on them. Then I found the plates but I still wanted to draw on some and I had this idea of a "plate wall" for a while so I combined the two! It's not quite done yet but I thought I'd give you a little preview and some of my sources of inspiration.

Hanging Cameo Plate

 Plate Wall

I know I'm kind of doing this backwards but here's a little how-to on how you hang plates.

Materials You'll Need:
Plate Hanger
Picture Hanging Thing (nail and the hook)


So you've got your materials, this is super easy. You get the plate hanger,


And you hook one side of the plate hanger to the top of the plate. Then gently pull the other side to the bottom of the plate. Make sure they are evenly place.


Nail your picture hanging thing into the wall where you want your plate to go.


Hang your plate!


Or two


I'll do another post on decorating plates soon, promise. And my soon to be, "Wall of Plates". It's going to be awesome!

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