Saturday, June 11, 2011

DIY Chevron Wall Curtain

Remember this post? Well it's about my new found love of the chevron pattern. After seeing so many diy's with it, I decided to give it a go. I just happened to have a white curtain not in use so I planned to paint on a chevron pattern and hang it above the couch. Here's how:
First off, you will need materials:
Curtain ($0- already had but I think I bought it for $15)
Metal Rod ($3)
Wall brackets ($5)
Black Paint ($4)
Brush ($0- already had)
Manilla Envelope & Scissors ($0- already had)
Total Estimate: $12
I did a lot of research to figure out the best way to go at this. Here's a source that I kind of based my plan off of. So first I came up with a stencil:
I basically drew out a little grid with the points being about 6" apart and made a zig zag pattern.

Then I layed out my curtain (with something underneath) as flat as possible. The curtain loops were actually at one of the short ends so I just cut them off and hand stitched them real fast to one of the long ends.

Then starting at one edge, place your stencil down, and tape above and below it along the entire edge.

Then start painting! I watered it down because it was taking forever but towards then end I over watered it (see picture below). Wait for the paint to dry, apply second coat as needed, and peel off the tape.

To Hang: I had to cut my emt rod because it was too long (just using a hand saw). Then I just marked my holes, screwed in the wall brackets and hung my curtain! I got the idea of going the cheap route from here: source.  It only cost me about $8, compared to a curtain rod which would be about $20. What a steal! I'm never buying another curtain rod again! So here is the end result above my couch:

I kind of like the way it bleeds towards the bottom left corner. I'm just going to tell everyone I planned to do that (:

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