Thursday, June 2, 2011

Couch Make-Over

One of the biggest... issues I've had with decorating my apartment is my couches. There's a love seat and a regular sized one.

My dad actually made these back in the 70's and while the body is still in excellent condition, the cushions were a little.... outdated (to say the least). I really didn't want to spend the time and money making slip covers for each one so I had to get creative. I wanted something that I could take off because of Eliza but wasn't going to take me forever to make. Here are a couple places that I got inspiration from:


First, I tried buying fabric and just draping it over.

But they didn't last more than five minutes with Eliza. They just came off too easily and I decided I didn't like the fabric anyways.

So then, I came up a with different idea. I decided to make the bottom all one cushion. So I bought some plain, off white fabric from Hancocks for $30 and two long zippers to go on the side for about $5. I measured all the sides, cut out all my pieces, and sewed them together. This is what it looks like so far:

I was kind of stuck on what to do with the cushions because I didn't want to make them one cushion but I didn't want to sew slipcovers for each so I finally decided to just go out and buy some regular pillows to go in their place. I bought 5 pillows for about $5 each from Walmart (and they're not too shabby!). I then used fabric I already had and made some simple pillow cases to cover them. It was hard to pick out the perfect ones, I had a pile of options that I just couldn't decide between.

I also bought some cotton for $7 to make up some deocrative pillows. And here they are, our new couches!

They look sooo much better. We have string lights above them (no over-head lighting) and I wanted it to feel kind of like a treehouse if that makes sense. I think the bed pillows as the back pillows fulfill that and they definitely come in handy when we want to lay down, we have pillows right there! I'm very happy with the way they turned out, I've been avoiding these couches for so long but now it feels like it's all down hill from here, decorating wise. So for $67, I did pretty good! Woo hoo!
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