Thursday, May 5, 2011

Up-Side Down Plants!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but in our new apartment we have an awesome (and suprisingly roomy) patio. In my quest to create my own little garden retreat, I've fallen in love with gardening! I started with flowers and just couldn't get enough! Now I've invested in a couple tomato plants and one banana pepper plant, we'll see how this goes eh?
So to grow these on my patio, I've done a diy version of the "topsy-turvy" upside-down planters. Here is what you need:
Scissors or knife
Wire or string 
Plant (tomato, banana peppers, bell peppers)
Coffee filter
And a large plastic bottle

We drink a lot of juice so I happened to have a bunch of these on hand but anything similar will work.
1. Cut the bottom or your bottle of, only about an inch.

2. Now you're going to punch a hole in the two sides (not the front or back). Pull your string through the hole and tie it. The length of it will depend on where and how you are hanging it.

3. Now take your coffee filter and rip a hole directly in the middle about the size of a quarter. Carefully place it over the top of the plant and gently pull the plant through.

4.  If your plant is one of those that can be planted in the container then don't worry about this step. If not, then you are going to squeeze the sides of the plastic container that the plant is in to loosen it up a little,  turn it side ways and carefully pull the plant out of container.

5. Turn plant sideways and place in your bottle with the leaves going towards the opening. This is the tricky part, gently ease the plant throught the opening of the bottle while making sure the coffee filter stays in place.  It's easiest to pull the stems through one by one. Once you're done, give the bottom of the plant an extra little push to make sure it fits nice and snug.

6.  Fill your bottle up with soil, patting it down a little every couple of scoops until it's about a half an inch from the top.

7. All that's left to do is hang and water!

I can't wait to see what happens and if it will actually work! I'll post an update in a month or two. I don't know why I'm into gardening all the sudden but it's kind of fun! Maybe it's a mom thing? I just enjoy watching them grow, they're like my little babies! I know, it's a little creepy. Brandon thinks its funny and calls me the "Plant Lady", like cat lady... but with plants. Oh well, when we have delicious home grown vegetables he'll be thanking me.

Helpful Tip: Coffee grounds are said to help them grow

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