Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitchen Chair Makeover!

Remember this post? I shared my thrifting loot and one of the items was a pair of chairs I bought in Austin for my kitchen! I loved the retro feel but knew they needed a little tlc to reach their fullest potential!

So I used the fabric that I got on my birthday and recovered them. And boy do they look great! Here's how I did it (this might be a little long):

First I took off the back and the seat (making sure to see how they went in and which sides are which).

Then take a flathead screwdriver and remove all the staples. I'm not going to lie, on the seat there were just too many so I got lazy and just tore/cut the fabric off.

Next you're going to trace out the pieces of the original fabric onto your new fabric.


For the top all I had to do was sew up the two sides.

Clip the corners.

And shimmy it onto the chair back.


Now here comes the tricky part. The chair has the wood back and then a layer of padding, this is how the fabric was sealed up. Cut a little slit on the side with the padding.

Then take the fabric against the wood, pull it over the top of the wood and staple inside (between the wood and padding).

Now take the fabric on the side of the padding and fold the top down just enough so that when you fold it down over the padding, it hits right in the middle of the wood.

Staple that sucker down with a staple gun!

Chair back down, chair bottom to go!


For the bottom I had to cut two pieces, a square for the seat and then a long rectangle for the sides of the seat. Sew the pieces together according to the original seat fabric construction.

Put your new seat cover on your seat and flip over. Your going to pull the sides over to the bottom and staple.

Then move to the side across from that, pull the fabric taught and staple down. Repeat to the other two sides.

Wasn't that easy? Then put it back on your chair and voila! A fabulous recovered chair!

I don't think Brandon is a fan of all the florals but Eliza and I are in looooove!

Now the only problem is, the chairs are too tall to fit under the table! Solution? I'm thinking casters on the table so I can easily move it. I'll update on that later! Today's Thursday, which means... WINGS!! It's really the highlight of my week, I can't even describe it. I just love them. So have a wonderul Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!

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