Monday, May 30, 2011

DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art

 I saw this at Urban Outfitters a while back and thought, "Hey! I can totally make that!"
So, I went home and made one! Here's my version:

I learned the hard way that I should have used a lighter color fabric and darker colored spray paint but whatever! I lined it with a skinny sharpie and it looks fine.

Here's what I did: 

First, gather supplies:

Something to put it on
-If you choose a frame, cut out a piece of cardboard to fit in the frame
-If you choose a canvas (urban outfitters style) then you will just need a canvas
-Or you can just use a piece of cardboard
A piece of fabric that is big enough to wrap around your frame or canvas with a couple of inches extra
Duct tape
(ignore the stapler)
Spray Paint
A printed piece of paper with words of your choosing
Hair Spray

So first off, lay your fabric face down and place your canvas or cardboard face down on top of it.

Starting with opposite sides, pull your fabric taught and duct tape it to the back or your cardboard or canvas

Then flip it over and tape off a border along the edge, I decided on a thicker border but it totally depends on what you want.

Next, cut out your letters and place them on your fabric. Double check the spelling and spacing.

Here comes the tricky part. Keeping the hair spray about a foot away, spray the letters. In my opinion, it helps the letters stay flat, stay where they are, and keeps the paint from leaking through. After that, spray with the paint, being careful not to blow away your letters. You may want to do a couple of coats.

After the paint dries, peel off your letters a tape.

So it didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to but that's cool. I lined it with a skinny sharpie and it looks better now. I actually decided to leave out the frame but it looks good either way.

Signature copy