Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Decorating Inspiration

I'm on a kind of decorating spree and have really indulged in Apartment Therapy today. They have a little something for everybody and it is just so inspiring! I smell a bunch of diy home decor in the near future! I'm actually working on a really big home decor/diy project right now (one that I'm totally dreading because of how much time it's going to take) and I will share as soon as I'm done! Until then, here's some great decor inspiration I've found (sorry for being so photo heavy)!


I think the common theme here is plain walls (I live in an apartment and can't change those) and brightly colored/vintagey/diy accessories. We don't have a whole lot of natural light so I'm hoping that will help brighten up the place. Ahh, I love decorating!

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