Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Outfit Post: cut-off shorts

I've been meaning to get some shorts for the summer and instead of buying some, I decided to make a pair of my own high-waisted, cut-off shorts. I just went to the nearest goodwill and bought a pair of old, high-waisted pants. Then, I brought them home and using a pair of shorts I already had, cut off the legs and voila! A pair of cute jean cut-off shorts for a total of $7. They look better after a wash when the ends fray and they don't look freshly cut but I was just too excited to wait! And isn't this shirt too cute?! I was thinking of selling it but just couldn't bring myself to give it away.
I wore this to work one day (which is why it's in front of the store backdrop).

Kittie shirt: thrifted
Striped headband: diy
Cut-off shorts: thrifted/diy
Brown braided belt: thrifted

My crew came along with me this day and decided to hop in for a quick picture.

Speaking of summer, I need a tan...
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