Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dip Dying Hair: Blonde

I wanted to do a little something with my hair for summer without making a drastic change so I went with dip dying the tips of my hair blonde. Here's how I did it:

You'll need:
Plastic container to mix bleach/dye in
Applicator brush

First bleaching:
20 Volume Peroxide (4 oz.)- $1.59
Powder Bleach Packets- 2/$5 (I used like half of one though)
Round two bleaching:
30 Volume Peroxide (4 oz.)- $1.59
Wella White Lady Toner- $4.79

1. The first thing I did was decide where I wanted the blonde to start. I divided my hair into four sections and then put ponytail holders where I wanted the blonde to stop.

2. READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR THE BLEACH. Pour the correct amount of peroxide into your bowl.

3. Mix in your bleach till it's blended.


4. Apply bleach to tips and wrap with foil to keep it from getting everywhere else.

5. I have this plastic cap that I got from Sally's but you can use seran wrap to trap in the heat which will speed up the process. I left mine in for about 45 minutes.

6. This is after the first round. Next I did the same thing but with 30 volume peroxide and white lady toner (takes out the yellow).

And here's another after picture:

I wasn't aware of how many times it would take to bleach it. I should of gone with a higher volume of peroxide but that's ok! I know for next time! Also since I stopped using shampoo as part of my Going No Poo it doesn't hold the toner so well. You can use special shampoo to enhance it but that's all you.

Here's a great hair bleaching resource, I did a ton of research before I dove into this and am pretty pleased with the results! My original intention was to bleach it and then dye it a bright color but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. We'll see I suppose (;
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