Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Apparel Headband DIY and More!

I don't know if you guys have seen these but they are awesome!

They have metal inside them and you can twist them around your head! I saw some at American Apparel but wasn't impressed by the colors and prices soo... I made my own!

You'll need:

A large t-shirt (color of choice)
Picture hanging wire
Sewing machine

First, you take your shirt and cut off about 5" from the bottom (or the width you want your headband to be times 2 plus 1" for seam allowance)


Cut one of the sides so that it's one long piece. Fold in half (hot dog style) and cut the tips like ^^^ this (shaped like the ends of a bow or whatever you'd like).

Then sew along the edge from one pointy tip to the middle, skip an inch and then sew to the other pointy tip. Turn inside out and push out the points.

Measure out a piece of wire the length of your headband plus about 2" for the loop. Make the loop at the end so you don't stap someone! Then slip it through the hole and pull it through to both ends. Sew hole shut.

Style your super cute headband! On the american apparel website they just kind of twist it and the ends stick out but at the store they twisted it into a little rose looking thing. That's what made me fall in love with them and that's the way I do it! 

To do this you center the headband on the back of your head, bring the ends up till they meet and twist the ends together. To get the rose, you just twist around themselves like a bun and the wire holds them in place!

Here is another extrememly easy version of this minus the wire.

You cut the end off of a shirt.

and kind of scrunch it up (if you just pull the ends, it kind of folds together).

Then wrap it around your head with the excess at the top and tie a knot with the extra. Sorry I don't have a picture of the end product but it looks almost exactly like the one above.

Two cute headbands in under 20 minutes, you can't really beat that!

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