Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Some of my latest thrift store finds for the casa. My aim for decorating our apartment is to try not to make it too girly. What I kind of ended up with is retro masculine furniture with femine accessories.

The upper left picture is of a magazine holder and the two floral globe things are lamps, it was love at first sight! And then the chair on the bottom right will be recovered... eventually. I just thought it was cool and retro looking (not to mention, a total steal!).

I guess he's not as popular as I thought but my mom was an artist and I've always really liked him so this was kind of an impulse buy, I didn't even stop and think about it!

I found this awesome rolly cart at a goodwill for about 10 bucks! It is now the home to my diy "greenhouses".

I basically just bought some plastic rubbermaid bins, flipped them upside down and started growing seedlings in there. It works pretty good! The moisture stays in there well so I almost never have to water them and it keeps the pests (a.k.a. Eliza) out.

Here is a prime example, the little munchkin playing the "drums"

Well, it's a good thing plants don't have ears....

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