Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homemade goods

As part of my zero-waste project, I made reusable face cloth pads (mostly for removing makeup). I save them after use, throw them in the wash, and they're good to go! This is how I made them:

I used a blanket that I had from when Eliza was a baby (it's very soft), a round object (the size you want your pads to be, and something to cut it with (I tried two different ones but ended up liking the zig zagged one).

Trace your circle (I did two layers per pad).

Then stitch around the edges (or serge it if you can, I couldn't because they were small).

The one on the left that looks like a lemon, yaaa I tried to serge that one. It obviously didn't turn out very good so I stuck with the zig-zagged one.

This is them, finito!

Also, a while back I made some potholders. I got most of the instructions from here and here.

 They turned out ok but I'm not in love. I was feeling a little uninspired today so I got some shopping in to perk me up! I love the thrill of treasure hunting in a thrift store, it always give me a little boost!
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