Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY Platform Bed & Headboard

When we moved, I didn't want to take the ugly metal frame and box that my bed was sitting on. So, being the crazy person that I am, I decided we were going to make one! I drew out plans, took measurements, and calculated costs. I used this tutorial to plan mine. It came out to equal like $100 for the platform bed and headboard. Not bad!

And yes, I had a little help from the fiance..

First, we made a frame (60"x80" for a queen),

then we stuck 3 boards in the middle for braces, 

 and put plywood on top (my dad already had that).

Then we made 13" legs and attached those.

Headboard: I just got two, 2 x 4's the height that I wanted the headboard to be, screwed on three, 1 x 10's that were the width of the bed and put an extra 2 x 4 on the top (not planned but I really like it). Took me like 5 minutes

And here it is!

You can't reallly see the platform part... but it's there! I may paint the headboard eventually, like a turquoise color maybe? But for now, it's going to stay the way it is. I kind of like it el natural.

I actually spent the duration of my high school career learning to build stuff in theatre arts. I did other things like acting and costumes, to directing and but most of my time went to building sets so I know a little bit about building. My dad is a fanatic about building things himself, most of the furniture in my new apartment are hand-me-downs that he built way back when (including my couch!).  So I think that's where I get my diy-ness from. Why buy a bed when I can build exactly the one I want and for half as much? And that's why I built my own bed. So that's a little bit about me! Do any of you ladies build things?
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